Investing Tools I Use

Not necessarily an endorsement, some links include my affiliate code, more about investing as an individual in future posts!

  • Wealthfront – Robo-advisor that takes your risk tolerance and other preferences and automatically diversifies your investment across multiple categories of asset. Also includes features like small loans using your investments as collateral, tax loss harvesting, retirement planning. “money  flow automation” (rule-based saving and investing), and early paycheck deposits. Costs: fee based on assets invested that is higher than buying the underlying index funds yourself. Alternatives are available from Betterment, Fidelity, and Vanguard.
  • Fidelity – Fidelity has all different kinds of accounts and features for investing in individual stocks, but I mostly focus on index funds and the 2% flat cash back credit card. Costs: each fund has its own fee. Alternatives include (Vanguard)[], eTrade, and so many more.
  • Fundrise – Somewhere between an REIT and “crowd-funded real estate.” Similar to Wealthfront there’s a fee based on assets invested.
  • BlockFi – Pretty established platform for trading and earning interest on crypto. Alternatives include Coinbase, OKCoin, lots of others. Update 2024: BlockFi has filed for bankrupcy, so probably look elsewhere if you’re still interested in crypto.